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PFC Helping Hands Association

This non-profit organization, PFC Helping Hands Association, was created to provide a source for Funds For Needs to be able to utilize the principle of Giving from a heart of Love rather than the motive of financial gain. The principle of the more you give, the more you are blessed is a driving force along with the unselfish sharing of God's blessings to you with others who are less fortunate. This organization was created in 2012 as a means to be a recipient of 10% of the profits from Funds For Needs and any donations contributed by caring donors. It gives its members an opportunity to give from a heart of Love to help different needs that are considered Samaritan Needs. An individual has a source to apply for assistance for some form of financial or voluntary service assistance.


PFC Helping Hands Association has included programs that the members can use to create additional income and also to enhance the funding program for ministries and non-profit organization.

Next Level Africa offers an amazing program to add Funding to PFC Helping Hands Association which is designed to provide needed funds to be approved on a requested basis. It also creates an opportunity to acquire NLA Crypto Currency that has significant leveraging potential and has a guaranteed buy back value. You can also acquire a technology product that guarantees maximum cyber security in an internet world that is loaded with viruses and malware. Another way for you can help many needy projects, as well as, helping yourself by enrolling in this program. It’s only $20.

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Inspire.World Fund Raiser

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Shopping Sherlock

As a member of Funds For Needs you have another valuable benefit. By downloading the following link you can have the most powerful internet tool that has ever been developed to shop for the lowest possible prices on ANY item. It carries some amazing technology to scan a bar code and show you the retail outlet that has the lowest price on that item. You now can have the “Shopper’s Advantage” and “Super Buying Power”. Get it FREE!!! To take advantage of this please click here.

Bible Based Money Management Seminar An organization has members that all have choices to make in the area of their financial fitness. Revelation Is, Inc, provides a team of financial specialists that can bring knowledge and awareness to the needs and solutions in these areas. A Revelation Financial Seminar covers a 7-fold field of need and recommendations on ways and strategies to cover these needs while enhancing the members ability to increase their financial support to the organization. Areas covered are debt management, investment alternatives, tax saving strategies, retirement enhancement planning, final expense and probate costs reductions, long term care preparation, and how charitable giving provides an umbrella of God’s blessing to the entire process. For more information or to arrange a seminar for your organization call 877-293-6729.

Professional Financial Seminars with FEG

Funds For Needs has created a Financial Services Division that will be offering Christian based money management seminars and financial services. In other words, helping not only our members but the organizations they are associate with become Good Stewards of their money. The services include using money that had been going out in taxes to help fund their retirement with complete confidence you are getting the best deal for your money. We will show you how to purchase the “New” life insurance with living benefits, the better alternative than 401K and IRA’s for retirement planning, the annuity that will never lose value regardless which way the stock market turns, and some amazing ways to get the absolute maximum  value for your dollars. The seminars are entertaining, informative, and brilliant ideas that can help you achieve financial freedom in record time.

To review some of the topics and power of the FEG model, simply click on the following link and watch the few short videos that will give you an idea of professionalism at it best. You will stand tall in the financial world and have a program you will want to share with everyone you know. Oh, by the way, you can also earn some earn some serious income by taking advantage of the Freedom Equity Group business opportunity.


Charitable Trust

Revelation Is Fund Raising has a very unique and effective way to create a steady flow of residual income from any business offering without affecting its tax exempt status. This method is by setting up a Charitable Trust for the 501c3 organization which is managed and completely in control of a Trustee that the organization has selected. The Charitable Trust has its own Tax ID number, its own checking account, and the beneficiary of the Trust is the 501c3 organization that requested it. By contacting Funds For Needs via  phone or email, one of our professionals will explain the details of this program, as well as, help to set up the Trust after a simple application is completed by the 501c3 organization. The cost of this service is $150 and will normally be completed within 5 to 7 days. The application can be downloaded at the following link; Also please note that it will be easier to fill out the application on your computer if you save this document to your computer and then open it up with adobe reader.

Customized Fund Raiser

For a customized fund raising program prepared by our Fund Raising professional team, an application can be downloaded from the following link: Customized FR Application. Once received, a custom fund raising proposal will be prepared to help the organization achieve the desired results. At the present time there is no charge for this service, and the organization is not obligated to accept any part of the proposed plan. The proposal may use a combination of programs to get the desired results of both immediate and residual income. Survey Form This form must be opened in Adobe Reader in order for it to  work properly.  Opening it in the browser will not work.  For best results, download and save the file to your computer.  Right click on the file name and then click on Open with Adobe Reader, and all should be OK.


Customer Service Number

Questions can be directed to our customer service number that is a voicemail system and your message will be directed to the proper individual. Please call 337-476-1262